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KTC Commercial was Honored Included in the "Privileged Enterprises" list Pubdate:2018-10-22

On September 27th, the Shenzhen Economic and Trade Information Committee decided to base on the Notice of the Municipal Government of "Some Measures for Providing Convenient Services for Large Enterprises in Shenzhen" (Shenzhen Government [2003] No. 136) and the conditions for large enterprises to enjoy convenient service, after studying and reporting to the Municipal Government for approval. Fifteen hundred and seventy-six enterprises, including KTC Commercial Display Technology Co.,Ltd. are listed on the list of enterprises that will enjoy convenient services from 2018 to 2020.

"Privileged Enterprises" refers to the government's relevant functional departments to provide convenient through services for large enterprises, support and promote the development of enterprises in Shenzhen, improve the investment environment and business environment.

The "Privileged Enterprises" mainly has the following characteristics:

Special Office, emergency, routine procedures shortened by half the time limit for handling and key project functional departments door-to-door, follow-up, early intervention and other characteristics.

Specifically: large enterprises in the course of handling business problems encountered, can be appointed to the relevant functional departments for door-to-door handling of related matters, the relevant functional departments should be implemented and the results of the follow-up.

If large enterprises are required to submit to the State for examination and approval, the Municipal Economic and Trade Bureau and the Development Planning Bureau shall appoint special personnel to ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Commerce and the State Development and Reform Commission to assist enterprises in handling relevant examination and approval procedures.

In principle, the time limit for dealing with the examination and approval matters of large enterprises by the relevant municipal functional departments shall be shortened by half as compared with the time limit for making public commitments to the outside world.

Large enterprises are the important pillars of China's national economic development. Their development and expansion is of great significance to accelerate the local urban economic restructuring, improve international competitiveness and maintain the sustained, rapid and healthy development of the economy and society. The list of large enterprises enjoying convenient through services shall be led by the Municipal Economic and Credit Commission, confirmed by the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Science and Technology Creation Commission, the Market Supervision Commission and the Statistical Bureau, and dynamically managed and regularly promulgated.

In recent years, KTC Commercial has responded positively to the national decision-making and deployment around the international business model, established a stable sales network and perfect after-sales service system, and maintained good cooperative relations with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, which has played a positive role in the development of regional economy. He has been awarded honors and titles of National High-tech Enterprises, Guangdong Top 100 Private Enterprises, China Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises and Shenzhen Longgang District Key Cultural Enterprises. This listing fully demonstrates the importance of Shenzhen Municipal Government to the business sector and the recognition and recognition of KTC's commercial achievements.

Confronted with the development trend of macro economy under the new normal, KTC Commercial will always be customer-oriented, technological innovation-driven, based on the steady transformation of its main business, steadily promote the company to become a "smart hardware + service + Internet of Things" new company. With a more open attitude and dedicated professional attitude, we will work together with every partner to create brilliant future.

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