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New Product Launch | Global Minimum Joint of 0.88mm LCD Video Wall Pubdate:2018-10-29

With the development of global integration and the rise of smart city, LCD mosaic screen as an indispensable part of the security monitoring, Intelligent Quotient display field, has been constantly updated iteratively. With many years of industry experience, KTC Commercial has been committed to the technical promotion of LCD products and product updating.

At the Beijing Expo in 2018, KTC Commercial's latest LCD video wall with a minimum joint of 0.88 mm was introduced, which once again refreshed the industry record and made the LCD seam below 1 mm for the first time, causing a great response in the market. The main innovations of the product are as follows:

1. The new LG module, four equilateral design, unilateral border up to 0.44mm, 0.88mm joint;

2. Adopt IPS technology, static contrast 1200:1, open Local dimming dynamic contrast can reach 3000:1.

3. Increase the monitoring function of equipment status, through this function, can detect the operation of equipment at any time, early detection of problems;

4. Supports true 4K 3840*2160@60Hz signal input, 60Hz refresh frequency effectively reduces the blur and shake of the dynamic picture, ensures the restoration of vivid details;

5. Supports UHD signal loop, in 2 * 2 splicing state, when playing 4K film source, point-to-point display effect can be achieved, while effectively improving the picture quality, greatly simplifying the installation wiring mode;

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