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New Product Launch | The new 06 Series of 31.5 Inch Professional Display Comes on the Stage Pubdate:2018-11-05

Inspired by the sports car lamp, the new light-electric competition design is simple and cool. The black-and-white classical color matching is decorated with red decorations, and the rear case can be optionally fitted with LED lights, RGB three-color LED circular breathing lamp effect, lighting up your combat background and adding game atmosphere.

Two new lightweight pedestals with concise and fashionable appearance are introduced to provide customers with more customized choices of pedestals.

Compatible with K320WL3 series modules, from FHD 144/165Hz to QHD 144/165Hz mainstream competitive resolution full coverage, higher screen refresh rate, in high frame rate games, can provide you with more amazing dynamic pictures.

Introductory friends recommend FHD144/165Hz to meet the basic requirements of electronic competition. Advanced players (with good computer configuration) can choose QHD resolution, which is 1.77 times higher than FHD pixel density, showing more attractive details, giving you a panoramic view of the battlefield, so that you can easily find any enemy stealing close to you from the corner.

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