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KTC Commercial Display Won Many Awards Pubdate:2018-12-17

On December 6, the 10th China (International) Business Display System Industry Leaders Summit (CBDS 2018), Shenzhen (International) Wisdom Display System Industry Application Exposition (ISVE Wisdom Display Exposition) and the award ceremony of "2018 Huaxian Award and Wisdom Display Annual Selection" were successfully held in Shenzhen Exhibition Center. Mr. Liao Kehua, general manager of our company, was invited to attend the meeting and cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony. KTC Commercial Display was listed among the outstanding enterprises in the field of Intelligence Quotient. It was awarded the title of "Top Ten Well-known Brand Enterprises" and "The Most Influential Award of Intelligent Quotient Professional Manufacturing".

It is reported that the "2018 Huaxian Award Wisdom Display Annual Selection" has attracted more than 3500 candidates, more than 50 million votes and more than 100 million attention. The Organizing Committee of the selection is composed of the National Audio and Video and Multimedia Systems and Equipment Standardization Technical Committee, China Commercial Display Systems Industry Alliance, Shenzhen Commercial Display Systems Industry Promotion Association, AVC and Commercial Display Magazine. The selection process is open, transparent, rigorous and standardized. After multi-level screening by the Organizing Committee of the selection activities, strict checks, the honor list was finally generated.

ISVE was held in the same period, with an unprecedented flock of people on site. On the exhibition site, between exhibitors and customers, and between the same industry through two-way and multi-party communication and exchange, fully understand product information, in order to maximize win-win cooperation.

Since its establishment, KTC Commercial Display has always regarded technological innovation as an important driving force for the development of enterprises. It has come in the midst of wind and rain to idly watch the blossoms and falls of the industry. It has always been determined that the quality of products is not relaxed, that the word-of-mouth effect is constantly accumulating and expanding, and that the influence of the industry has been quenched in the long years. This time, he won many awards, which can be said to be true and well-deserved.

At present, China's commercial display market is in an explosive period of rapid development. In the past ten years, China's Intelligent Quotient display industry has gone through a difficult and fortunate period of development and growth. In the next ten years, I believe that under the promotion of the efforts of all traders, and under the background of the great development of Intelligent Quotient display industry, the TRADERS'display industry will change the various forms of people's production and life more profoundly.

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