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New Product Release | W21 Series High Precision LCD Whiteboard Pubdate:2018-12-24

With the popularization of infrared LCD whiteboard, users are increasingly demanding the accuracy of touch writing and writing experience. In order to meet customers'high standard experience requirements, W21 series of high-precision LCD whiteboard products emerged as the times require.

Our W21 series of high-precision LCD whiteboards adopt a brand-new appearance design, beautiful and generous. With the latest high-precision infrared touch frame, it can achieve 2 mm fine writing, 1.8 mm low touch height, comparable to the normal writing experience.

The hardware configuration part is equipped with our new Mstar 6A848 motherboard. The CPU uses ARM A73 + A53 architecture, four-core 1.5GHz main frequency, on-board memory 3GB, storage space 16GB, with the latest Android 8.0 system, can run all kinds of APK applications smoothly.

Full-channel HDMI output can be supported, up to 3840*2160@60Hz, to facilitate the connection of real-time video recording and storage equipment. The pre-USB interface supports automatic switching and strobe, which can be adaptively switched according to the current usage environment. It can ensure automatic switching under Android, built-in OPS and external computer. At the same time, the dual-port design can realize the function of network bridging. Only one cable can ensure that two devices are connected to the Internet at the same time, which is convenient to use.

The software part contains abundant sidebar applications, which can be controlled by gesture touch with one key and is easy to use. With Android Writing Annotation Software developed independently, it can make demo writing, full channel annotation, support scanner preservation and mail forwarding, original handwriting preservation and import editing, so as to make the meeting more intelligent. It can be matched with wireless screen applications and 5G WiFi modules to realize multi-screen interaction, reverse manipulation, compatibility with Android, Windows, MAC and other platforms, making wireless possible.

With the introduction of our latest products, we believe that it will bring fresh feelings and extreme experience to new and old customers to meet your all-round needs.

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