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ISE Opens the First Station of Exhibition 2019 Pubdate:2019-02-19

New Year's departure, the pace of non-stop! At the beginning of the Spring Festival, ISE, the world's largest professional audio-visual exhibition, took the lead in opening the New Year industry exhibition. KTC Kongguan went to Amsterdam, Netherlands for the exhibition. With new technology and system integration solutions, it showcased the first stop of the exhibition itinerary in 2019.

ISE happened to meet the Chinese Spring Festival. Although many staff members representing KTC Kangguang Commercial Exhibition could not go home and reunite with their families, their enthusiasm did not fade. Faced with the endless audience, they were very busy with warm reception and patient explanation.

This time, KTC Kangguan commercial refresh records in previous years, bringing more innovative technologies. The products on display include the splicing unit 55D09-LH; LCD electronic whiteboard 75W21K; industrial monitor 55B93K, 75B15K-U; 86-inch electronic whiteboard; 55-inch capacitive screen and other new models. The brighter, higher and wider range of color displays keep many viewers in the eye. The booth design has also made great efforts to create the best customer experience effect.

Looking to the future, innovative display technology and products will still be the core driving force for the iteration of the industry. At the same time, specific and scenario-based solutions will also be the catalyst to boost the development of the industry. KTC Kongguan Business will join hands with customers and partners for joint innovation, and create an ecological system with rich solutions with partners in different professional fields, so as to achieve cooperation and win-win situation and make the world shine.

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