KTC Commercial Display W72B and U2720S Display Products Won the Red Dot Award
( SEND_TIME:2022-06-10 )

As one of the "design Oscars", the red dot award, founded in 1955, has a history of more than 60 years. It is the largest and most influential Design Award in the world. To win the red dot award is a great affirmation for KTC's commercial products!

About the Red Dot Award

The competition consists of three parts: product design, communication design and conceptual design. The requirements, quality and difficulty of awarding the red dot product award have always been the stringent standards recognized by the industry.

"Creativity" is the greatest value of red dot. The red dot award is recognized as the recognition mark of international creativity and design. Winning this award means that the appearance and texture of products have obtained the most authoritative "quality assurance".

Two Award Winning Products

W72b is an intelligent conference whiteboard, which can construct an interactive collaborative conference environment. The whole machine adopts aluminum extrusion sand blasting and oxidation process, with aluminum extrusion sand blasting and oxidation process, the surface is fine and smooth, the hand feel is friendly, and has a strong pleasant. Aluminum profiles ensure strength and reduce product weight. The product is gun grey, which is visually stable.

It adopts 800W pixel 4K camera, supports digital noise reduction function, and has fine and clear imaging effect. Top mounted 8-channel omnidirectional digital microphone array, effective pickup distance up to 8 meters, support high-definition voice and video calls. The built-in NFC module supports NFC near-field identification, and can quickly call out common software with one key, which is easy to operate.

At the same time, there is a built-in pen lifting sensor function, which opens the whiteboard writing / annotation software with one key to realize the function of pen lifting as writing. Pen sensing function: open whiteboard writing / annotation software with one key to realize the function of writing as soon as the pen is raised.

The front panel is equipped with a full-function type-C interface, which supports 60W PD power supply and 3840* 2160@60Hz DP display, high-speed USB data reading and writing function; Two adaptive USB interfaces: support the USB adaptive function, and the front USB interface plug-in device can automatically connect with the signal source switching, which is convenient and reliable.

The whole machine adopts dry fitting technology, brand-new structural design and assembly process, which makes the gap between the tempered glass and the screen close to zero. The writing is smooth without suspension, low reflection, and the practical effect is more clear. High precision touch control, support up to 40 touch points, the minimum recognition diameter can reach 1.6mm, the suspension height is as low as 2mm, the writing is smooth without continuous writing, accurate and reliable.

It can be equipped with a built-in plug-in PC expansion module to upgrade the dual system. It can be like a touch computer without an external computer.

The u2720s adopts the mini LED backlight technology different from the traditional display, and 2304 Mini LED lamp beads are arranged in an array to achieve higher picture brightness and uniformity.

1000nits peak brightness, 576 light control zones, can achieve accurate control of picture brightness. With quantum dot technology, the color gamut coverage reaches 99% Adobe RGB, making the picture color hierarchy stand out.

High specification IPS panel, 4K 144hz brings smooth game experience.

With type-C interface, it supports maximum 90W reverse charging, 4k144hz video signal input and USB hub functions. One type-C cable can meet all connection requirements.

Over the years, KTC business has continuously improved itself, demonstrated extraordinary innovation ability, successively won a number of national patents, strictly controlled the quality, and achieved outstanding results in the industry. Even so, KTC commercial still focuses on the technical strength and modeling quality of products, and continues to pursue to create more cutting-edge and efficient high-quality products.