Cooperation Mode
Based on JDM/ODM cooperation, we are committed to the R&D, manufacturing and sales of commercial display products. And also have maintained long-term and stable cooperative partnership with many well-known brands and system integrators in domestic and foreign commercial industry. Thank you for your trust and choice!
JDM(Joint Design Manufacture)
JDM stands for joint design and manufacture. It refers to the joint design and development between customers and KTC, who make full use of their respective advantages to define products and provide a complete solution. That is to say, KTC joins the customer’s process of R&D and design. For example, both sides jointly design and develop product appearance, design motherboards and so on. Once the design is finished, KTC carries out small batch trial production and verification, and then the customer improved the products according to the test results, allowing products finally made by KTC and sold by customers.
ODM(Original Design Manufacture)
ODM stands for original design and manufacturing. It refers to the customers directly selected KTC products, including the customer supply screen or OC, main board, and so on, and required to include the customer's brand into production, or subject the KTC design slightly modified to production. Among them, the manufacturers who undertake the design and manufacturing business are called ODM manufacturers, and the products manufactured by them are ODM products.
OEM(Original Design Manufacture)
OEM is the OEM production, which means that the brand merchants use the core technology they owned to design and develop new products and control the marketing channels. The specific processing tasks are, through the contract order, entrusted to other manufacturers of the same kind, and they finally buy the products at a low price, and directly attach their brands on them. Among them, the manufacturers who undertake the processing tasks are called OEM manufacturers, and the products manufactured are OEM products.
EMS(Electronics Manufacturing Services)
EMS standards for electronic manufacturing service, which means that KTC is responsible for providing a full range of services, such as product design, planning, manufacturing, testing, and logistics management. The brand owner usually controls the R&D of core technology and product sales, and supplies all the materials for the production of KTC. Compared to the traditional ODM or OEM services providing only product design and OEM production, EMS vendors provide knowledge and management services, such as material management, logistics transportation, and even product maintenance services.