Shipping Method
Based on ODM/JDM OEM cooperation, we are committed to the R&D, manufacturing and sales of commercial display products. And also have maintained long-term and stable cooperative partnership with many well-known brands and system integrators in domestic and foreign commercial industry. Thank you for your trust and choice!
CBU(Completely Built Unit)
CBU is the abbreviation of Completely Built Unit in English, which means complete assembly. It means that the whole machine is shipped, and directly exported to the client’s country of residence without any processing or assembly.
SKD(Semi Knocked Down)
SKD is the abbreviation of Semi Knocked Down in English, meaning that the whole machine is completely dismantled to export full parts in the packing boxes, which are assembled into a whole machine to be sold by the importer. This mode helps the exporter to save freight, make use of inexpensive foreign manpower and access to lower import tariff; while it helps the importer accelerate its homeland’s industrial development, create more job opportunities and penetrate its homeland market.
CKD(Completely Knocked Down)
CKD is the abbreviation of Completely Knock Down in English, all components are sent to the customer in order to save the packing size and facilitate the transportation. All parts can be imported components, can also be locally produced parts. Most of the OEM supporting suppliers are now using part of the imported components, part of the parts produced locally, or all parts produced locally, all of them are finally assembled into assemblies or components on the assembly line. This kind of export form is equivalent to the customers purchasing parts in China, thus saving the larger production cost by using the synergy purchasing capability and the low cost advantage of the Chinese whole machine factory.