KTC new series is available! 【Industrial personal computer & industrial display screen】
( SEND_TIME:2022-12-02 )

In response to the market demand, the company launched high-quality industrial control products, which are stable and reliable, and are suitable for a variety of use scenarios, such as self-service terminals, intelligent vending machines, intelligent express cabinets, intelligent bus stop signs, automobile gas dispensers, and intelligent charging piles.

 【New Products】

Industrial display module: super highlight, rich application scenarios, stable display performance, solid structure design

Industrial personal computer product introduction: Industrial personal computer, also known as industrial touch all-in-one machine, is a liquid crystal display device that meets industrial requirements, has high functional integration and rich application scenarios. The special optical architecture can make the screen clear and visible in outdoor strong light, while ensuring high brightness uniformity and high dynamic contrast.

【Application Scenario】

Intelligent manufacturing

From the application requirements of the power cabinet itself, stable and safe touch display equipment is the key to its operation. In this environment, anti electromagnetic interference, anti-static and other attributes have also become the basic design.
01 Intelligent Kanban: realize intelligent power control and intensive management of power system in the area
02 Manufacturing management system: real-time tracking of production results, timely delivery of production plans, and connection between decision-making level and production side

Smart service field

01 Medical services: self-service registration machine, self-service pick-up machine
02 Financial services: self-service card printing terminal, self-service all-in-one machine
03 Public services: self-service check-in equipment, self-service library service machine, self-service tax machine
04 Consumer retail: self-service machines, self-service gas dispensers, self-service ordering machines

【Product Advantages】

·Surface AG tempered glass, heat-resistant, cold resistant and strong light reflection resistant
·Stable design of module structure, solid, reliable and effective vibration resistance
·Optional ten point precise capacitive touch, quick and convenient human-computer interaction

【Customized development services on demand】
JDM/ODM - Customer puts forward development and design requirements

【Competitive advantage】- The authoritative certification and reliable product quality have achieved a good reputation in the industry

·Resource advantages: strategic cooperation of upstream screen, self research and production of modules
·Quality advantage: vertical integration of self owned industrial parks, reliable quality of self produced parts
·R&D strength: independent R&D system to meet differentiated needs
·Scale advantage: two super factories; Short delivery time and fast response

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