KTC Commercial has since its establishment been focused on OEM/ODM business concerning commercial display products. Positioning at a professional manufacturer of commercial display products rather than the brand and channel distributor, which is based on KTC's evolution and its resources advantages, KTC is one of the earliest manufacturers dedicated to the display terminal products. Furthermore, we have accumulated mature technologies and learnt successful experiences from previous TV OEM production; we utilized plants and industrial parks in Shenzhen, Huizhou, to cluster OEM businesses.
In addition, as the largest China’s partner in LG Display commercial display based on strategic partnership with each other, KTC Commercial owns LCD display resources of high quality, capable of producing more LCD related products with reliable quality and services.
To meet different customer needs, KTC Commercial diversifies its cooperation and shipment modes. It is committed to the business of OEM (production according to the products designed by customers) and ODM (direct selection of products designed by KTC), supplemented by JDM (joint design) and EMS (all materials supplied to KTC). There are three shipment modes: CKD (bulk), SKD (semi-bulk) and CBU (complete). Customers can choose different products according to their own needs. At present, the business that is most time-consuming is prototyping machines for the four categories of products mentioned before and designing standard products. Customers can extend many differentiated ideas and requirements, such as different appearance, different interfaces, different software, etc., and manufacture different products according to different requirements. In all these respects, KTC Commercial has always been diligent in providing good services to meet the differentiated demand of customers, which is an outstanding feature of KTC Commercial.
With superior quality, excellent service and continuous improvement of R&D capabilities, flexible and diverse cooperation modes, responsiveness to challenges of rapid market changes and diversified customer needs, KTC Commercial has maintained and strengthened its international market competitiveness, and has become a trustworthy partner of many manufacturers at home and abroad.