With the improvement of our R&D strength, all kinds of honor comes, our company’s R&D center is rated as "Longgang District Engineering Technology R&D Center" in 2003, and identified as "Shenzhen Municipal R&D Center (Technical Center)" at the end of 2008.
Subordinated to the Shenzhen Municipal R&D Center, the R&D division specializing in the research, LED/LCD flat-panel display terminal, consists of the Structural Department, Software Department, Electrical Department, Product Certification Group, and is mainly engaged in structural design, machine core board hardware and software development and independent research and development of switch power supply, a backlight driving power supply.
The R&D Center has, since its establishment, been focused on R&D, and recent years see that the R&D investment accounts for more than 5% of the operation revenue that year.
The industrial design center that is independent and excellent personnel resources, provide favorable conditions for the development of the enterprise, which design level leads the industry. In 2015, our company was identified as "Shenzhen Industrial Design Center”, the advantage of independent innovation and competitive advantages become more prominent.
Based on many years of standardized management, the business scale has been expanding. With excellent product quality and painstaking efforts, our company has achieved outstanding performance and steadily improved its economic benefit. In 2017, our company was first included in the "Top 100 Guangdong Manufacturers" list issued by Guangdong Provincial Enterprises Confederation together with Guangdong Provincial Entrepreneurs Association, our brand influence continues to expand in the industry.
With the national support of electronic information industry, the "Internet plus" strategy implementing, the overall size of our company continues to expand, the level of performance stays leading and the R&D investment continues to strengthen, the pace of international business accelerates, therefore, economic and social contributions and good social effect have been achieved. In 2017, our company was assessed one of "China's Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises".