75W61B Ultra Narrow Edge High Precision Interactive Flat Panel
( SEND_TIME:KTC   /   SEND_TIME:2020-03-23 )

75W61 B ultra thin edge ultra-thin infrared touch integrated machine is a star product newly launched by kangguan commercial. The ultra-thin display module is designed with od20, the thickness of the whole machine is only 52.3mm, the front three sides ultra narrow frame is 18mm, the width is only 64% of the previous generation of products, and the proportion of the screen is greatly increased to 87.6%. The exquisite feeling and aesthetic feeling of the whole machine are significantly improved, which is in line with the four corner rounded rectangle popular with customers Design, keep the product strong appearance and solve the problem that the square corner design is easy to bump and hurt.

超窄边高精度电子白板 | 探究精彩视觉体验

The resolution of the whole machine is 3840 * 2160, the brightness is up to 400nit, and the brightness uniformity is up to 75%; the distance between the touch glass and the liquid crystal display screen is reduced to within 0.6mm by adopting the dry fit design, which greatly reduces the impact of the light and shadow deviation on the visual effect and makes the screen more transparent; the MTBF time of the whole machine is more than 50000 hours, providing users with a safe and worry free use experience.

In terms of performance, the latest 9950 scheme of MTK is adopted, which is equipped with Android 9.0 System, with running memory of 8GB; 4K UI is supported, users can enjoy clear and sharp fine pictures when using; four-way hard decoding function is supported, which greatly reduces the system resource occupation when using PIP function, and the powerful operation and codec performance of 9950 scheme is used to guarantee the smooth system experience.

75W61B, as a new heavyweight product, has been upgraded in appearance design, screen appearance and hardware performance. Once again, it embodies the concept of kangguan's commercial pursuit of the ultimate product, and injects new vitality into the commercial display market in 2020.