Vision black technology! Transparent OLED Technology
( SEND_TIME:KTC   /   SEND_TIME:2020-05-06 )

The earth is round, the world is "screen"! With the development of science and technology, science and technology bring many special effects in science fiction films into reality, such as wearable electronic devices, holographic projection technology, driverless cars, etc.

KTC has always been committed to the exploration and development of new display technology. Now it has launched the latest generation of transparent OLED display screen, which brings different visual experience to users with its amazing appearance design and extreme picture quality effect. Its main advantages are as follows:

1. The penetration rate is up to 44%. The penetration rate of common transparent screen is only about 8% when the power is off. The penetration rate of our new generation of transparent OLED transparent screen is up to 44% when the power is off. The transparent effect is visible to the naked eye.


2. OLED technology without backlight. The common transparent LCD screen on the market needs to design a light bar at the back of the screen to make up the light. In order to increase the light transmission effect of the screen, the overall display effect is poor; however, our transparent screen, without backlight, adopts a new generation of OLED self illumination technology, the brightness can reach 400nit, and the display effect is not affected at all.

3. Ultra thin and ultra light structure design. The face frame is super narrow, only 8mm wide, silver white color matching, weakening the border effect.


4. High definition image quality and outstanding performance. KTC's new transparent OLED display adopts LGD 55 inch OLED module, with a contrast ratio of 150000:1; with KTC's latest drive scheme, a variety of anti burn technologies are introduced to solve the problem of OLED burning screen.

OLED, with its high transmittance, high contrast and high definition, can be widely used in window advertisements, jewelry stores and other places, as well as subway window, 3D game scenes and so on.

Technological innovation will never stop, kangguan business will always be online, continue to shine your vision!