86S11k Intelligent Blackboard Products Officially Released
( SEND_TIME:康冠集团   /   SEND_TIME:2020-09-01 )

With the continuous popularization of information and intelligence, the convenience of traditional classroom teaching is gradually becoming the pain point of education industry. In view of this problem, KTC kangguan commercial launched a new 86s11k intelligent blackboard product to comprehensively improve the teaching experience of teachers.

Appearance part: the visual effect of the whole machine is light and thin, and the integrated design is adopted to highlight the overall sense. 86 inch main screen ultra narrow side cabinet with customized ultra wide writing panel, the whole machine is more slender, at the same time, it provides teachers with a wide area of chalk writing, and helps teachers teach more classroom knowledge.

In the design, the terminal wall hanging experience and seam control are fully considered, and a new humanized and easy to install wall bracket is developed to realize ultra narrow seam.

The front bottom support is inclined inward by 10 degrees, which can effectively prevent the chalk ash from falling and damaging the interface when writing on the blackboard, making it more convenient for teachers to use.

Display part: full fitting technology, 4K super clear resolution, high contrast, Ag tempered glass to reduce light reflection, strive to restore the clearest, natural and broad visual experience, so as to make the classroom viewing experience of teachers and students more enjoyable.

Writing part: the main screen adopts multi-point capacitive touch technology to restore the real writing experience. Support up to 20 points of writing, convenient for students to collaborate.

The surface of the side panel is made of Ag glass, with delicate writing texture and clear and visible contents.

Extended functions: 1. Support 2.4g/5g dual band WiFi function, support wireless connection of multiple devices, enrich the classroom interaction experience between teachers and students.

2. Equipped with full-function type-C interface, one interface can solve data transmission, video projection and charging, and meet a variety of use needs.

3. Integrated HD video booth, support real-time explanation, can also take photos and upload to the cloud, so that teachers can enrich the teaching content in more ways.

4. It supports pluggable windows module and can expand massive teaching resources. Module out design, easy to maintain while bringing better peripheral expansion experience.

86S11k intelligent blackboard is a sincere work facing the new era of smart classroom, which brings better teaching experience for teachers and students. KTC kangguan commercial will continue to be committed to bringing higher quality products to customers, constantly bring forth new ideas and bring more possibilities to the industry.