New Product Launch | 55 Inch KTC LCD Video Wall
( SEND_TIME:康冠集团   /   SEND_TIME:2020-07-27 )

As a very important part of security monitoring and smart business display, LCD splicing screen is constantly updated with the development of technology. KTC Commercial Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development of new technologies and the upgrading of new products for LCD products. In view of the problems in the LCD video wall market, such as heavy machinery, complex handling, difficult structural debugging and poor structural compatibility, our company has launched a new generation of 55 inch self-made splicing, which effectively solves the market pain points. Its main features are as follows:

1. Customized LG high fog OC, haze up to 28%, effectively reduce the screen reflection problem;

2. Self developed module local dimming function, single screen has 4 * 8 total 32 partitions to adjust backlight brightness, greatly improving module contrast and brightness uniformity, static contrast 1200:1, dynamic contrast 30000:1 after turning on local dimming;

3. Support true 4K 3840* 2160@60Hz Signal input, 60Hz refresh frequency can effectively reduce the blur and tremble of dynamic picture, and ensure the restoration of vivid and vivid details;

4. The integrated module structure design, the module backplane can be directly used as the whole machine backplane, the whole machine is thinner, the thickness is only 88mm, the integrated design cost is better, self-developed backplane design, the motherboard is directly locked, and can be compatible with a variety of mainstream cards in the market;

5. The four corners of the module are equipped with locking pull holes. After the screen installation and debugging is completed, the matching splicing angle iron can be used to lock the pull hole, effectively reducing the after-sales problems caused by the deformation of the bracket in the later stage;

6. Standard 40 * 60 visa hole, compatible with market mainstream cabinet, front maintenance bracket and other splicing support;

7. The module and power supply are customized to meet the service life requirement of 50000h in industrial design;

8. It supports UHD signal looping. In the 2 * 2 splicing state, the point-to-point display effect can be achieved when playing 4K film source, which can effectively improve the image quality and greatly simplify the installation and wiring mode;

Looking forward to the future, KTC Commercial Display will, as always, be guided by customer demand, driven by scientific and technological innovation, and with a more open attitude and a dedicated professional attitude, we will work together with each partner to create a brilliant future.