The 78th China Educational Equipment Exhibition | KTC Commercial Display Ends Perfectly
( SEND_TIME:2020-10-26 )

On October 23, the 78th China Educational Equipment Exhibition was held in Chongqing International Expo Center. The exhibition attracted more than 1350 enterprises from all over the world, bringing nearly 20000 educational equipment products. In the market environment of traditional education enterprises transforming into science and technology innovation enterprises, and high-tech enterprises have entered the education equipment industry, KTC kangguan commercial showed a number of heavy-weight products, demonstrated its strong R & D strength and product design ability, and attracted customers to experience.

86S11K Interactive Flat Panel

In this exhibition, kangguan commercial exhibited 86s11k intelligent blackboard products for the first time. Its calm and atmospheric appearance attracted the attention of the passing audience. Many customers came to experience it. With its good display, writing effect and chalk writing experience, convenient system operation and rich accessories expansibility, the 86s11k intelligent blackboard has been highly affirmed by users.

86W53 In-cell Interactive Flat Panel

86W53 is the first large-scale electronic whiteboard with in cell technology and 4096 pressure sensing function, which is the first large-scale electronic whiteboard product launched by kangguan commercial. It can achieve exquisite electrodeless writing. At the same time, its ultra-thin toughened glass also ensures clear and bright display effect. The modern and concise business style appearance attracts many customers to stop and appreciate After experiencing the writing effect with the active capacitive pen, I was full of praise.

W61B、W62B Interactive Flat Panel

The highlight products of this exhibition are not new w61b, w62b Series LCD whiteboard.

W61B series products are equipped with new hardware solutions, which bring significant performance improvement; the redesigned system UI makes the visual style more concise and lively, and the interactive experience also rises to a new height.

W62B series has upgraded the new commercial ID design, greatly simplified the positive vision, and made the product more high-end texture, and the border was further narrowed to reach the top level in the industry; the new NFC, 6-way array microphone and camera module were added to enrich the product functions and improve the efficiency of users in meeting and education scenes.

In addition to the dazzling new products mentioned above, kangguan commercial also presents 55d35-kl self-made splicing unit supporting vertical display and 75b93k single screen display. Both products adopt industrial grade LCD panel, and the body design is optimized for vertical hanging application scenarios, which ensures the stability of vertical hanging for a long time. With wonderful vertical screen media content, it is for education publicity More possibilities will be brought about by the scenes of communication and advertisement display.